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parrot_chow's Journal

Parrot Diet and Nutrition
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Welcome to Parrot_Chow, a community devoted to our favorite feathered Psittacidaes. This community is essentially a discussion board concerning, but not limited to, parrot diet, nutrition, and health.

Pictures of your babies are always welcome. Stories, comments, and questions about them are always welcomed. Friendly discussions are always welcome. Flaming, spamming, and drama are not. Anything negative including and/or similar to the aforementioned will also be looked upon with a disdainful eye and will promptly be removed. Take your trouble elsewhere, this community is about parrot love, baby!

*Official Rules of Parrot_Chow*
-Friendly discussions
-Your opinion
-Advertisements for bird friendly communities

Things to send you on a one way trip to Parrot_Ciao
-Derogatory comments
-Advertisements for non-bird friendly communities
Advertisments: If you have any birdy goodies/treats/supplies for sale and want to post them, please ask first, otherwise it will be at my discretion as to whether or not the post is removed.

-Please put multiple and/or large ones behind an LJ-cut tag. I personally do not mind a picture or two without a cut, but please be courteous to our other members that may not agree with me.
-If the picture involves your feathered friend in a dangerous situation, be warned that said pictures will warrant a group of birdy rights activists breaking down your door, confiscating your bird, and beating you into a bloody pulp. In other words, don't put your bird in a dangerous situation, and if you do and have pictures, don't post the pictures here. If you do, other members may flame, spam, and outright abuse you before you get booted.

Moral of the story
If you use your good judgment prior to posting, and honestly believe that what you're about to post is acceptable, then you are probably right. If you aren't, you'll hear it from me ;)